SG Bike takes over Mobike's fleet, offers free use of Mobike bikes for first 30 minutes

Back again on the bike-sharing scene.

Joshua Lee | November 27, 2019, 11:11 AM

SG Bike Pte. Ltd. has taken over the shared bicycle licence from Singapore Mobike Pte. Ltd.

It is now the largest bike-sharing operator in Singapore.

SG Bike is also in the process of taking over Mobike's fleet of 25,000 bicycles in Singapore.

Mobike bicycles can be unlocked via SG Bike app

To ease the transition, SG Bike will allow the public to unlock Mobike bicycles for free.

From Wednesday (Nov. 27), 10am onwards, all existing Mobike bicycles will be made available on the SG Bike app for hire.

This means that you are able to unlock both SG Bike bicycles and Mobike bicycles via the SG Bike app.

Existing Mobike users can also transfer and convert their Mobike account credit and ride pass to their SG Bike account.

To do so, they have to download the latest SG Bike app and create an account or login with the same existing Mobike mobile number.

Once they do so, they will receive an in-app confirmation prompt.

Free use of Mobike bicycles for first 30 minutes

Additionally, all Mobike bicycles will be free for use for the first 30 minutes of each trip.

You do not need to pay for an SG Bike ride pass to use the Mobike bikes for free during this trial period.

SG Bike did not mention when this free-use trial period will end, but users will be notified via an in-app notification.

According to SG Bike, this trial period will allow them to better manage their new resource and make necessary adjustments to fine tune their bike-sharing services.

Rates remain unchanged

Pricing-wise, SG Bike says that there are no plans for a revision.

Existing rates for ride passes (which offer free rides for the first 30 minutes) are as follows:

  • S$11.90 for 30 days ride pass
  • S$3.90 for 7 days ride pass

Bicycles will be made progressively available throughout Singapore, with the first area being the North-East region.

More information is available on the SG Bike website.

Top image by Joshua Lee.