S’pore & other Asean countries face cramped ‘buses’, lack of food & other ‘SEA Games fails’

Quite a lot of issues.

Nyi Nyi Thet | November 25, 2019 @ 04:33 pm


The Southeast Asian Games are starting on Nov. 30, 2019.

Some events, like football, have already begun.

The problem is, the amenities and construction didn’t appear to have received the memo.

Here is the stadium, the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, where Malaysia and Myanmar are facing off today.

Image from Wikipedia

Here is the scene a few hours before that.

The situation led to one particularly artsy solution being proposed.

Screenshot from Twitter

While some last-minute touchups to the scaffolding doesn’t really hint at anything too drastically terrible, for many, this was just another notch in a string of SEA Games hiccups.


The issues some Filipinos had with the event was evident from the get-go, with the logo being derided for its design.

In fact, the hashtag Sea Games Fail was used as the problems with the games started to pile up.

Myanmar footballers also felt the literal squeeze when the “buses” catered for them turned out less spacious than one might have hoped.

Image from Asean Football News

The Timor Leste team were apparently made to wait nearly three hours for the buses to their hotels, following which, they were promptly taken to the wrong hotel.

Even the host country’s own team weren’t spared from the administrative kerfuffles.

Their check-in was delayed by a few hours, leading to these unfortunate scenes.

Their veteran member Hali Long summed up the situation as such.

“Sad that we’re the host team and this is how we’re being treated. I can’t imagine how other countries must feel.”

Thai media also gave a behind-the-scenes look at the press conference area.

Image from Thairathcheersthailand

Catering was a recurring issue brought up by participating countries as well.

According to Manila Bulletin, the Thai football team faced limited food options and a lack of water.

The situation was so dicey, that the Thai government apparently stepped in to provide more Thai food for the participants.

Singapore wasn’t spared from food issues either.

According to a Straits Times article, the chef de mission of the Singapore contingent wrote to organisers in response, to a host of other issues, the lack of catering for the predominantly Muslim footballing team.

“For example, at one dinner the halal options were just plain rice, pita bread and brinjal lasagne. And with the other teams also requiring halal food, there just was not enough to go around.”

According to ST, several team officials had to forgo lunch due to insufficient food.

And all these issues before the event even begins.

Image from Asean Football News and Thairathnews

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