Helper in S'pore shares photos of used condom & vomit at HDB playground. Not everyone shookt.

What a mess.

Tanya Ong| November 21, 11:17 AM

Playgrounds are meant for fun.

And for children.

But some people apparently had a little too much fun at one particular playground in a HDB estate, though.

According to some photos shared by Hilda Tiaga Paingas to Facebook group Complaint Singapore, she said that she was taking her employer's daughter to the playground when she came across this sight:

FB/Hilda Tiaga Paingas

Upon closer inspection, she realised that there were condom packets on the floor.

From the photo, it appears that at least one condom was used.

FB/Hilda Tiaga Paingas

FB/Hilda Tiaga Paingas

Playing cards had also been strewn everywhere.

FB/Hilda Tiaga Paingas

And apparently, there was also vomit in the slide.

FB/Hilda Tiaga Paingas

Quite the mess.

Some people shookt, others less so

Quite a few people responded to her post with shock and disgust.

Very terrible.

In the comments section, she also said that her employer had "reported" the incident, presumably to the police.

Others, however, seemed to be far less perturbed by the incident.


Top photo via FB/Hilda Tiaga Paingas


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