Off-duty police officer helps put out Century Square fire, good-naturedly poses with soot on face

His wife said she was proud of him.

Tanya Ong| November 06, 06:34 PM

A fire broke out at Century Square yesterday (Nov. 5).

Thousands of people had to be evacuated from the premises after a fire occurred at the food court of the mall at around 4pm, according to CNA.

FB/Gng Yeo Thuang

FB/Gng Yeo Thuang

And while the SCDF responded to the fire promptly, there were also some off-duty personnel who jumped in to assist during the crisis.

Good-natured police man

One of them was Muhammad Farhan Safaruan, an off-duty police officer who happened to be at Century Square during the incident.

According to CNA, he had grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and moved to put it out the fire after hearing the explosion.

His wife, Nabilah Abdul Rahim, had shared a short Facebook video on her husband.

In the video, Farhan was seen all-smiles, despite having soot on his face and clothes:

And here are screenshots in case you can't see:

FB video/Nabilah Abdul Rahim

FB video/Nabilah Abdul Rahim

Farhan said he was just doing "what (he) had to" in the comments section of her video.

In her post, his wife said that it was her first time experiencing a fire and the "the floor legit was shaking".

However, she had expressed in a separate Facebook post that she was "so proud of him" for rising to the occasion.

Apart from Farhan, there were also two others who assisted in the fire. One of them was another off-duty police officer.

Top photo via FB/Nabilah Abdul Rahim's video & Gng Yeo Thuang