Wild boar freezes in fear after stumbling onto a glass walkway in Hangzhou, China

It looked down :(

Kayla Wong| November 09, 10:27 AM

A young wild boar in China found itself in a terrifying situation after stumbling onto a glass walkway located at Hangzhou's Chun'an County in Zhejiang province, China.

Stopped moving on the glass walkway

While it was able to inch forward slowly by sticking close to the cliff and walking on opaque flooring that was not made with glass, it was later paralysed once it reached the transparent part of the bridge, and stopped moving completely.

Screenshot via Xinhua

Image via Qianjiang Evening News

Qianjiang Evening News reported that the incident happened last Saturday, Nov. 2.

The glass walkway is 230 feet, or 70 metres, high.

Screenshot via Xinhua

The boar, which is a protected species in China, eventually found its way out with help from the staff.

Image via Qianjiang Evening News

It was then handed over to the forestry bureau.

Chinese netizens react

Many Chinese netizens thought the situation was rather funny, while a good number of them admitted their fear of heights too.

Screenshot via People's Daily

"Even pigs dare to go up there, but I don't. Conclusion: I'm not a pig."

Screenshot via People's Daily

"Haha, so pigs are also scared of heights."

Some others even joked about China's surging pork prices at the moment.

Screenshot via People's Daily

"Looks so cute, I bet its meat tastes good too."

Screenshot via People's Daily

"Your meat is so expensive, yet you still dare to walk around outside, don't you want your life anymore."

You can watch the video of the boar here:

Another boar terrified by man's invention

The boar was not the first to have had a terrifying encounter with a man-made structure.

Back in Nov. 29 last year, a wild boar found itself stumbling onto a glass bridge Qingyuan city in the Guangdong province.

As the glass surface was slippery from condensation that had developed due to the cold weather, the boar had difficulty standing up straight and walking properly on the bridge.

But it was not just that.

The security guards who helped the boar get to the other side of the bridge safely said its legs were shaking, ostensibly due to fear.

Even after it got back to the forested area, the boar lay on the ground motionlessly for a while before it finally regained enough strength in its legs to get up and leave.

You can watch the boar struggling to walk on the bridge here:

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2019/11/boar-china-curling.mp4"][/video]

Top image adapted via Xinhua & Qianjiang Evening News