Yishun salon owner claims elderly customer 'felt bad' for cancelling S$4,799 package

Another side of the story.

Mandy How| November 22, 06:21 PM

On Nov. 20, an Yishun hair salon went viral for convincing a half-bald, elderly man to purchase a S$4,799 scalp treatment package.

Since then, New Gen Studio has met with much backlash, with a number of users pointing out that that was not the only instance of hard-selling from the salon.

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao, however, the boss of the salon, known as Zhuang, remains adamant that they did nothing wrong.

The 31-year-old Zhuang explained that the hairdresser had discovered mites on the elderly customer's scalp after a free check.

The hairdresser thus recommended a suitable treatment package to the customer, who signed up for it willingly.

Zhuang added,

"Besides getting ride of the mites, the treatment also includes scalp care, lymphatic detoxification, electrotherapy, and repair care. These treatments are worth over S$599, and we were offering it at a special price of S$399, and even gave two free sessions with every 10 sessions bought. The price was clearly explained to the customer."

He emphasised that the customer was not that old, and signed up for the treatments after knowing about the cost.

"Afterwards, his family came back and requested a cancellation, and we agreed to refund them too. The customer even felt bad then, and sent us a message to apologise for the inconvenience. To think that his family would blow the matter up online a few days later, describing us as unethical promoters and affecting our reputation."

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Top image via Fiona Han/Facebook