Cebu Pacific hires first-ever Filipino transwomen flight attendants

They now work for Cebu Pacific.

Nyi Nyi Thet | November 19, 2019, 10:04 PM

Cebu Pacific has made history in the Philippines by hiring the country's first two transwomen flight attendants, Jess Labares and Mikee Sicat Vitug.

Labares is the reigning Queen Philippines Universe.

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Back when she first won the title, she revealed that her goal in the future was to become a flight stewardess.

Mission accomplished.

Here's her post detailing her new job.

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Fifty-seven days. Blood + sweat + tears + a healthy dose of laughter is, without a doubt, the most perfect formula to achieve one’s goals in life. Becoming a flight attendant has never been a childhood dream of mine. Ever. Instead, the opportunity presented itself as a challenge - a personal challenge to know what I’m truly capable of and to try something very foreign to me. Sometimes we really have to take that brave step beyond our comfort zone to become a little more aware of who we are and to be well-acquainted with the limits of what we can do. Now that I’m officially an airline cabin crew member, I can finally say that “I have arrived.” After fifty-seven days, I passed the most difficult training I’ve ever had in my entire life. This job may seem glamorous to look at, but what people don’t really see are the battles, both personal and professional, that we face. It has never been about looking pretty, but our passengers’ comfort and, most importantly, their safety. History has been made as I’ve now become the very first post-op transgender woman flight attendant in the Philippines. I will forever cherish this opportunity given to me and with that, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to Cebu Pacific Air and CebGo for their acceptance. This means that we have progressed into a more accepting society who has learned to respect and celebrate human individuality and expression. It is another milestone in our country that proves that reputable companies such as Cebu Pacific Air can be diverse and multicultural - and this would have never been possible without their indiscriminate and forward-thinking supervisors, managers, and big bosses. Thank you! #cebupacific #cebupacificair #cebgo

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She also wrote a heartfelt message as to what it meant to finally fulfil this goal, not dream, as she clarifies in her post.

In it, she elaborated on what it meant to be one of the first transgender woman flight attendants in her country.

"As a trans woman, the first post op transgender woman flight attendant in the Philippines. A history has been made. I will forever cherish this opportunity given by Cebu Pacific.

I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to Cebgo and Cebu Pacific for their acceptance. In behalf of the LGBTQ community, thank you. This means that we are now slowly accepting and respecting individuality, uniqueness and expression. It is another milestone in the country that shows that Cebu Pacific is diverse and multicultural company. This wouldn't be possible not because of the pillars, bosses and supervisors of the company."

The other half of the history-makers is pharmacist Vitug.

She wrote a touching Facebook post celebrating the occasion as well.

According to Preview.Ph, she ended her post with the same rallying call for equality that Labares had posted.

"To those people who are afraid of going out of their comfort zone, to those people who want to make a change but keep on holding themselves back because of prejudice, judgement and discrimination, just listen to your heart and make it happen because nothing is impossible."


Image from Labares' Instagram and Vitua's Facebook accounts