Merchandise for Jay Chou’s 2020 concert in S’pore now available for pre-order on Shopee

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Jane Zhang | November 8, 12:54 pm


Jay Chou will be performing in Singapore on Jan. 10 and 11, 2020. 

Tickets for Jay Chou S’pore concert in Jan. 2020 on sale from May 28, 2019

But whether you have managed to secure a ticket to his upcoming concert, you can still get Chou’s Carnival World Tour concert merchandise, which is now available for preorder on Shopee.

This also means you can skip the gruellingly long lines and get the merchandise delivered to your doorstep.

Here are the five items you can checkout: 

1. Musical turnbox

Available in either black or pink, it plays Chou’s hit song 告白气球 (Confession Balloon).

It is priced at S$90 each.

Jay 20 Musical box
Image via Shopee Singapore

2. Self-inflating balloon

Self-inflating balloons with Chou’s face printed on it, priced at S$5 each.

Jay 20 self-inflating balloon
Image via Shopee Singapore

3. Crystal ball

Jay Chou Carnival World Tour crystal ball with a carousel horse design, selling at S$30 each.

These are available in gold and rose gold colours:

Jay 20 crystal ball in black
Image via Shopee Singapore
Jay 20 crystal ball in pink
Image via Shopee Singapore

In addition to the concert being held in January 2020, next year also marks the 20th anniversary since Chou’s debut, which explains the number “20” on the merchandise.

4. Concert tee shirt

The Carnival World Tour concert tee-shirt comes in black and pink, and is priced at S$40 each.

Jay 20 tee shirt in pink
Image via Shopee Singapore
Jay 20 tee shirt in black
Image via Shopee Singapore

5. Tote bag

The concert tote bags are priced at S$30 each, available in pink and blue straps.

Jay 20 tote bag in pink
Image via Shopee Singapore
Jay 20 tote bag in blue
Image via Shopee Singapore

The first batch of merchandise is estimated to be delivered starting from Nov. 15, 2019.

Thanks to the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, purchases made on Nov. 11 also come with free shipping and 10 per cent cashback at no minimum spend.

Top image via Shopee Singapore

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