Cat feeder in Sembawang allegedly assaulted by man who claimed to be police officer

Always ask to see the warrant card of anyone claiming to be the police.

Belmont Lay| November 14, 03:02 AM

A community cat feeder in Sembawang Crescent was allegedly assaulted by a man who claimed he was a police officer.

The incident occurred on Sunday, Nov. 10, at around midnight, when the cat feeder was feeding a stray cat.

What happened

The cat feeder, a 43-year-old housewife, told Shin Min Daily News that she was carrying out her routine feeding of cats in the area when a man in a white shirt and dark blue jeans approached her after he alighted from a black Volkswagen.

According to the feeder, the man claimed to be a police officer.

He then told her that she was not allowed to feed the cats.

He even cited alleged police reports and several resident complaints to stop her from feeding the cats.


But the feeder became suspicious when the man could not show any identification proving he was a police officer.

The feeder then threatened to report him to the police.

The man then allegedly got angry and hit the woman across her face.

The slap caused the woman's glasses to fall off her face, she alleged.

Feeling shocked, the woman remained frozen on the spot.

The man then grabbed her phone and threw it away.

He then fled back to his car.

The woman subsequently made a police report.

The police said they are investigating.

They reminded the public to always request the police to present the warrant card before cooperating, and to be aware of similar cases of impersonation.

The woman also claimed she had never received a complaint since she started feeding cats in the vicinity since February 2019.

The woman was said to ensure cleanliness after feeding the cats on Sundays, going to the extent of washing the ground.

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