9-year-old in Florida uses birthday money to give his teacher a raise, says more people should be nice

He just wanted to pay it forward.

Jason Fan| November 07, 12:43 PM

Nine-year-old Parker Williams received US$15 (around S$20) for his birthday, but decided against spending it on toys or snacks.

Instead, he gave all of it to his teacher at his elementary school in Florida, U.S., because "she's a really kind teacher...and spends time on everybody," according to CNN.

He thought teachers did not get paid enough for their effort

According to WFLA NewsWilliams wanted to do something nice for his teacher, whom he described as having "the most important job."

After thinking about it every night for a week, Williams gave his teacher, Mary Hall Chambers, the money along with a short note.

Image from Darrell R Williams' Facebook.

"Dear Mrs Chambers, I don't think that teachers get paid enough for what they do, so, will you accept this gift?"

CNN reports that William's parents were unaware of his plan, and they were extremely touched by his actions.

His teacher later responded with a note of her own:

"I can't accept this, but appreciate the gesture, Parker. Students like you are the reason I teach."

Paying it forward

Paying it forward is a motto that was instilled by William's parents, who told all three of their sons to always be nice to others, no matter what.

"We've said to them, when you plant seeds, you never know what will blossom," said the nine-year-old's mother, Jennifer Williams.

Although his teacher did not accept the gift in the end, Williams said that he still felt like he paid it forward, saying that "it made me feel really nice and good."

"I think more people should be nice because it's a nicer thing to do than being mean," said the nine-year-old.

Top image from Darrell R Williams' Facebook.