Hit-&-run: Van speeds off after sideswiping motorcycle along Pan-Island Expressway

Hope the motorcyclist is okay.

Zhangxin Zheng| October 03, 11:02 PM

A video of a hit-and-run accident has been circulating online since Sep. 23, 2019.

What happened

The accident happened along the Pan-Island Expressway between a grey van and a motorcycle.

It was captured by dashboard camera on one of the vehicles on the road.

Both the grey van and the motorcycle were on the second lane from the left.

The collision happened when the grey van switched lanes upon encountering congestion, without signalling or noticing the incoming motorcycle.

A P-plate sign can be seen on the top right hand corner of the grey van's rear window.

The video showed that the motorcyclist was knocked off to the middle lane while the grey van just sped off.


The motorcyclist managed to sit up but appeared to have difficulty getting up.

Soon after, another motorcyclist, who noticed the man sitting on the road, stopped by to check on the latter.


A few other concerned motorists also stopped to see if they can render any help.


Responses online have condemned the grey van driver for not stopping to assist the fallen motorcyclist.

Top photo collage from SGRV video