Typhoon Hagibis: 39 dead, 16 missing, 189 injured in Japan after stormy weekend

110,000 rescuers are currently dispatched across Japan.

Julia Yeo | October 14, 12:59 pm


It was a tough weekend for Japan, as Typhoon Hagibis tore through the country’s main island of Honshu on Saturday and early Sunday.

In the aftermath of the largest typhoon to hit Japan in decades, Kyodo News reported at least 35 dead and 17 missing as of Oct. 14, Monday morning.

By noon, NHK World reported 39 deaths, 189 injured, and 16 missing.

Rescue efforts in Japan ramped up

According to Kyodo News, a rough total of 110,000 rescuers, including police officers, coast guard officers, and members of the Self-Defense Force were dispatched.

In Nagano, an embankment of the Chikuma River collapsed at 3am on Oct. 13, leaving around 360 people stranded.

The report added that one of the reasons the death toll was so high was because many were asleep at the time.

The land ministry had warned of the possibility of floodwaters reaching up to 5 metres deep.

Helicopters and boats have been used by rescuers to save stranded residents from their flooded homes.

However, a woman in Fukushima Prefecture, 77, fell tragically to her death as rescuers from the Tokyo Fire Department tried to save her by helicopter.

Woman, 77, fell 40m to her death in Japan while airlifted to be evacuated

She fell from an altitude of around 40m after they failed to attach a hanger to the harness she was in.

More than six million advised to evacuate

Train operators and airports in metropolitan areas of central Japan had suspended most services from Saturday afternoon to early Sunday, Kyodo News reported.

More than six million living in the region were advised to evacuate, but have been lifted in Tokyo since Sunday.

On Oct. 13, 262,000 households were left without electricity and power. The count dropped to 92,000 on Monday, according to BBC.

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