Rosalind Pho thought she’d pass breathalyser test since she wasn’t “even tipsy”

Don't take chances.

Zhangxin Zheng | October 10, 2019 @ 04:25 pm


Channel 5 actress Rosalind Pho was charged for drink driving on Oct. 10.

Channel 5 actress Rosalind Pho, 36, fined S$1,750 for drink driving & banned from driving

Besides being fined for S$1,750, she was also banned from driving for 18 months.

Recounting what happened on Instagram

On Oct. 10, Pho recalled on Instagram about what happened on Oct. 2 when she was caught drink driving along Holland Road.

She said that she admitted to the police that she had some wine.

Furthermore, she thought she would pass the breathalyser test since she was not feeling tipsy.

She also said that she felt terrible about what happened and urged everyone not to drink and drive.

Here’s what she said in full:

Just got home, I got to go for court this morning because I was stopped for drink driving last week.

Basically, I went to meet some friends and I had a couple glasses of white wine and then we headed home.

There was a roadblock and the officer asked me if I had drinks and I said ‘yes, just a couple’ and she asked me to pull over.

Later on, I do the breathalyser test I said, “oh I think I’m going to pass” and she’s like “really?” and I said, “ya, you know I’m not even tipsy.”

And so I blow into it and then ‘beep’. She looked to me, she’s like “Oh, failed” then I was like, “oh”.

So, moral of the story was like I thought I was okay just because I was not tipsy, doesn’t mean that I was not over the limit. So I feel pretty terrible about what happened and lesson learnt so…Don’t be like me guys! Don’t drink and drive!

Mum is not happy. (in whispers, as the camera turns to Pho’s mother who was sitting by her side)

Here’s the full Instastory:

Top photo collage from Rosalind Pho’s Instagram screenshots

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