M'sian girl stops drinking bubble tea for 4 months, saves enough money to buy plane tickets

She was hoping to save enough for tickets to Taiwan.

Tanya Ong | October 10, 2019, 09:43 AM

Drinking bubble tea may not sound like an expensive habit. But the cost of each cup surely adds up.

Drank bubble tea twice a week

For one lady in Malaysia, known as Wewwy Lim on Facebook, she discovered the substantial savings she could gain just by kicking her bubble tea habit.

According to China Press, Lim shared that she calculated the amount of money she had spent on bubble tea from January to April this year.

The amount, apparently, could buy her round-trip tickets to Thailand.

This calculation was based on the assumptions that she drinks an average of two cups a week, and each cup costs between RM12 to RM15 (S$4-5).

Sometimes, she would have more than two cups in a week.

That would amount to at least RM384 to RM480 (S$128-S$160) in the four-month period.

Nicknamed "Bubble tea expert" by friends

Lim revealed that she would know of every new bubble tea brands and try them out before her friends.

This led to her friends coining the "bubble tea expert" nickname for her.

She felt an immense sense of honour and pride, which led her to drinking even more bubble tea to keep up.

In the process, Lim said that she lost her "innocence" towards her love for bubble tea in the first place.

Upon reflection, she realised that her focus was merely to "show off" to her friends and not lose out to them.

Stopped drinking bubble tea for 4 months

Lim reportedly decided to cut down on her bubble tea drinking habit in May, and stopped drinking it completely from June.

She challenged herself to refrain from drinking bubble for four months, meaning that the challenge would end on Sep. 30.

Apparently, Lim was hoping to save enough money for return flight tickets to Taiwan.

Here's an Instagram post from Aug. 25, saying that she was very happy to have kicked the habit (she clarified that the photos of the bubble tea were not hers):

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⭕以下不是我喝,网上拿图 ⭕只是发文做中场验收 ⭕只想发文让挑拨我的人知道不是不发声就是弱者 当初在6月1日决定在喝到第27款珍珠奶茶后终止“珍奶达人”生活,距离现在已经3个月了(4个月完=10月1日会做总验收) 想说。。。才短短几个月时间,就多了那么多奶茶,很多人tag我,问我是没有看到吗?不想去试吗? 我现在就来回答。。。我看到!当然想试! 但是我知道我的坚持是对的💪 挑拨我的人,想要让我破戒的人,请高抬贵手,我没有要跟你们比,不要再跟我说激话,不要再提什么要超越我了🙏(拜托。。。我没有要跟“你”比较,我只是在跟自己做比较) 以下的每一款珍珠奶茶我都知道,我都有去了解历史,不像那些只会喝冲数量而喝并来嘲讽我的人,问你什么味道说:珍珠奶茶(翻白眼🤔) 如果那些挑拨我的人有在看,请你知道什么时候要闭嘴,不然总验收的时候,你们真的会后悔的😓 我戒得很开心,请别再来打扰我😜 #我知道自己在做什么 #不需要别人主导我生活

A post shared by Vv (@wewwy.lim) on

China Press reported that Lim had posted an update on Facebook on Sep. 26, saying that she would tally her savings on Oct. 1.

Top photo via IG/Wewwy.Lim & Unsplash


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