26 S'pore PMD retailers pledge to control sales to buyers under 16

They also pledge to sell only UL2272-certified PMDs.

Joshua Lee| October 09, 08:02 PM

A group of personal mobility device (PMD) retailers has pledged to implement steps to make PMD riding safer for both users and members of the public.

The group, consisting of 26 retailers, said in a joint statement that they were "extremely saddened by the recent spate of unfortunate PMD accidents/incidents" and offered their apologies to all the affected stakeholders of the community.

"Despite our rules and regulations, constant enforcement, some irresponsible riders have grossly misused these devices and caused public alarm," they said.

They added that businesses are equally responsible for peddling non-compliant devices and allowing them to be made easily available to "irresponsible perpetrators".

Pledged to control sales

As such, the group pledged to implement steps that go towards making the community safer.

This step includes controlling sales and servicing of PMDs to those under 16, unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Other steps pledged by the group include refusing to modify the electrical systems of PMDs, restricting servicing to registered PMDs only, and only selling UL2272-certified PMDs.

The commitment by the retailers will take effect immediately.

"We would like to reiterate that the majority of PMD riders are indeed responsible," said the group.

Retailers involved

The group of PMD retailers are:

  1. Kernel Scooter
  2. CubeRpedia
  3. ComponentSingapore
  4. Gadget4Fun
  5. Scoot Ezy
  6. ElectroWolf
  7. 12Cycle
  8. DCycle
  9. Mobot
  10. ScooterKidz
  11. Falcon PEV
  12. Scootway
  13. PT Scoot
  14. WarehouseSG
  15. Trust Wheels
  16. Scooter Hub
  17. Minimotor
  18. Synergy Scooters
  19. Fabulous Scoot
  20. Scoooby
  21. Minimotor Studio
  22. EscooterDivision
  23. iPassion Group
  24. TeamAeroworks
  25. 25KMH
  26. Last Mile Solutions

You can view the statement below:

Top images by Ng Kah Hwee.