Yishun residents received complaint about “cooking smell” emanating from their unit

Something's cooking.

Eileen Lee | October 6, 2019 @ 12:55 pm


Recently on Oct. 4, 2019, Facebook user, “Aspa” uploaded a post detailing a complaint made by her relatives’ neighbour, with regard to the “cooking smell” emanating from their unit.

According to Zaobao, the unit is at Yishun Avenue 6.

Aspa claimed that her relatives, who are the home owners, received a complaint from their neighbour about “cooking smell”.

In that post, Aspa claimed her relatives hardly have been home for the past two days, not to mention cooking at home.

Aspa continued asking if they are not even allowed to cook in their own homes anymore? “It is ridiculous.”

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In an interview with Zaobao, Aspa said she has a close relationship with the relatives, and they sometimes tend to stay over at each other’s house.

However, the relatives had been staying at Aspa’s place these days, they only go back to the Yishun’s unit occasionally.

Aspa claimed her relatives only cooked instant noodles at their unit.

Foodcourts and restaurants below the block

A possible reason for the complaint might be the smell from foodcourts and restaurants under the block, which the complainer might have mistaken for cooking smells from the residential unit.

After receiving the complaint, Aspa said her relatives have contacted the HDB officer, and confirmed the complaint was made by one of their neighbours.

Aspa’s relatives have not met up with the neighbour yet, so they are still unsure what that neighbour is upset about.

Aspa also shared that the HDB has set up a meeting between her relatives and the neighbour on Oct. 7, 2019. They will then be able to find out more about the complaint.

Used to take orders for food

Based on the image taken by Zaobao, the last food-related post on Aspa’s Facebook was a year ago, that allegedly looks they are taking in food orders with some sort of menu.

Screenshot from Zaobao

Aspa confirmed with Zaobao that they are no longer in this business.

We have reached out to HDB and will update the article accordingly.

Here is HDB’s statement in full.

“HDB received feedback on 25 September 2019 that the above rental flat was being used for food catering operations. As food catering is prohibited in HDB flats, HDB visited the flat to understand the situation.

As no one was at home, our staff left a service card requesting the tenant to contact HDB.

We have since met with the tenant to clarify the purpose of our earlier visit. Our inspections found no indications of food catering activities in the flat.

We understand from the tenant while she does run a small-scale food catering business, the cooking activities are carried out at another location, and not in the rental flat.”

Top image from Aspa’s Facebook. 

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