Flying taxi to do demo at Marina Bay from Oct. 21-25, 2019

Visitors can sit inside but will not be able to fly in it.

Julia Yeo| October 07, 09:23 PM

Fancy a taxi ride in the sky?

That could be reality even though it won't be quite so soon, as Singapore will be getting a taste of this newfangled proposition this month.

British company Skyports Ltd. is building the world's first "vertiport" for electric aircraft in Singapore, according to Bloomberg.

They are also planning to show off their vertical take-off and landing station at Marina Bay during the International Transport Systems World Congress from Oct. 21 to 25, 2019.

German startup Volocopter GmbH will bring along their electric aircraft, the Volocopter, for a test at the event.

Visitors get to sit inside aircraft but not fly in it

Here's an example of how a test flight in Finland looked like:

Gif of Volocopter on a test flight in Finland Gif via Volocopter/YouTube

Visitors will get to sit inside the grounded aircraft during the course of the event.

The single demo flight will take place on Oct. 22.

A test pilot will carry out the demo flight lasting three minutes on the Volocopter 2X at noon, if weather conditions are clear.

Unfortunately, no visitors will get to ride on the aircraft throughout the event.

This is in accordance with current regulations.

Volocopter is using the current 2X model only for research and development and training purposes.

The model cannot be flown as a commercial aircraft, as it has been certified in Europe as a sporting aircraft.

It is illegal for sports aircraft to have autonomous systems onboard.

But Volocopter intends to develop autonomous systems on its passenger drones.

Aims to launch air taxis in Singapore

Fret not though, as the Volocopter has plans to roll out in Singapore.

According to CNA, Volocopter co-founder Alexander Zosel aims to have Volocopter systems here in Singapore as a public transport system for business travellers or tourists.

Of course, if it can get past strict air regulatory rules here first.

The co-founder said that he has been in discussion with landlords in Singapore, but is unable to announce anything at the moment.

Top image via Volocopter/Facebook