M'sia man in car has burger snatched out of his hand by m'cyclist & pillion rider


Jason Fan| October 15, 11:21 PM

A fitness trainer in Malaysia had his burger stolen from him from right under his nose by real life Hamburglars.

Beh Kok Hooi was driving home along a highway in Selangor on Monday evening, Oct. 14 when a pair of thieves on a motorcycle snatched his burger right out of his hand -- while he was in the car.

Possibly baffled, hungry and shocked at the same time, he turned to Facebook to air his grievances.

His post has since been shared some 6,300 times.

Online commenters were as indignant on his behalf as they were bemused.

Stuck in jam

Beh recounted his experience in an interview with China Press.

The 36-year-old said he got stuck in a traffic jam after he went out to run an errand for his wife.

He then pulled out his Ramly burger he had bought and began to consume it.

He had his phone in his left hand and the burger in his right.

At that time, the car windows was down.

From takeaway to taken away

He then suddenly felt a shove against his right hand.

The next moment, his burger had disappeared.

Beh was left holding a sauce-covered wrapper.

His first reaction was that he thought he had dropped the burger.

He looked around for it as he was concerned the burger would have dirtied his car door.

But by the time it dawned upon him that his burger had been taken for a ride, it was too late to give chase to the snatch thieves.

He said while laughing and crying: "If you wanted a burger, I could have just treated you!"

Nothing he can do

He has since been unable to do anything else to locate his lost burger or hunt down the perpetrators as his car was not installed with a camera.

He did not take note of the motorcycle's licence plate number or the thieves' faces.

But Beh revealed that someone else had also been a victim of a snatch theft case about two years ago.

That earlier incident took place along the same road but the thieves stole a phone then.