HK cosplayer goes viral after posting photos of new job as Foodpanda delivery personnel

Delivery orders have rocketed during the protests.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 20, 2019, 06:06 PM

Hong Kong is currently in its 20th straight weekend of protests.

But for many, life and work goes on.

That is also the case for one Nicky, who goes by the very apt moniker "Nicky Cosplayer".

He recently posted an update on his new job as a Foodpanda delivery rider.

Here it is.

With memes already spawning from Singapore, no less.

While Nicky cosplays more often as anime characters, his turn as a Foodpanda delivery personnel was not out of his cosplaying tendencies, as he stated in the comments on the post of his photos.

Instead, he is working as a delivery personnel to earn some money on the side for his family and to buy some nice clothes for future cosplay.

And it is a good thing there's another food delivery rider on the streets, because judging from the comments on his post, some people are really in need of a drink.

Many were looking forward to a personal delivery by Nicky, wondering whether they could specifically request for him to deliver.

That, of course, is a terrible business model, and Nicky himself clarified that you couldn't.

Furthermore, according to Nicky, he will only be delivering within the Kowloon area.

Nicky revealed that he had left his other job mainly due to how touchy his previous boss was.

He also saw some positions available on Foodpanda and decided to give it a shot.

According to an Instagram comment he left, he had apparently been an office lady prior to this career switch.

Here he is cheering on the Hong Kong protesters while urging caution in not hurting innocent bystanders trying to make a living.

And while this particular switch in jobs might appear completely removed from the political situation in Hong Kong, it says something about how pervasive the protests have become that there might be a slight correlation.

According to South China Morning Post, while business in restaurants and eateries dipped slightly from the first quarter, food delivery orders have surged as the protests show no signs of stopping.

The rise was attributed to the general reluctance of people in Hong Kong to go out amidst the protests.

Top image via Nicky 1/2 Cosplay/Facebook 


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