Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak available in Typo M'sia for RM389

This is what dreams are made of.

Fasiha Nazren| October 26, 12:49 PM

Potterheads, rejoice.

Apart from the Howler that Ron Weasley got from his mother and Albus Dumbledore's Elder Wand, the Invisibility Cloak is another cool thingamajig from the Harry Potter series.

And now, the cloak is an actual thing in the muggle world.

Real invisibility cloak

On Oct. 25, Twitter user @Mieraculous posted a tweet of her using an Invisibility Cloak:

She apparently got it from a Typo store in Malaysia.

Green screen technology

Originally a product by UK online gift store Wow! Stuff, the cloak actually works because of a camera app.

Just like how the film's Invisibility Cloak, Wow! Stuff's cloak has a green screen side to it that helps to achieve the invisible effect.

Here's how it is used for the film:

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And here's how the Wow! Stuff cloak works:

Fun stuff.

Retails for RM389

Being invisible doesn't come cheap, though.

The product currently retails for RM389 (S$126.68) at Typo outlets in Malaysia.

While the invisibility cloak isn't available at Typo Singapore's website, it seems that it will retail for S$129.99 here.

Photo from @mieraculous on Twitter.


Top image by @mieraculous on Twitter