Gundams can also do battle in HDB estate as diorama at Compass One shows

This is a glimpse of the future.

Sulaiman Daud| October 21, 05:10 PM

Big robots usually clash and have their equally big battles in a fictional version of a mega city like Tokyo, New York or London.

But why not Singapore?

The Battle of Bukit Batok West

Certainly they can.

A diorama at the Gundam showcase event at Compass One in Sengkang depicts a battle between two mighty mobile suits in a typical HDB estate.

Photo courtesy of a Mothership reader.

The details are stunningly intricate, even down to the sign that says Block 144 Bukit Batok West Avenue 6.

The battle appears to have claimed an orange car, while shocked bystanders look on.

Photo courtesy of a Mothership reader.

And the surroundings are apparently true to life.

A quick peek on Google Maps throws up this image:

Screen shot from Google Maps.

Which matches this part of the diorama -- check out the blue grey flat in the background and the orange paint in the foreground:

Photo courtesy of a Mothership reader.

Just without the giant robots in the distance, of course.

According to the reader who submitted these photos to, this work of art is supposedly an entry in the Gunpla Builders World Cup contest, in which enthusiasts paint and assemble their figures.

There are lots of Gundam enthusiasts, but replicating a HDB estate from scratch to situate Gundams in them takes some serious skill and patience.

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Top image courtesy of a Mothership reader.