Gorgeous emerald-green waters sighted in Siglap Park Connector canal during high tide

What a rare sight.

Zhangxin Zheng | October 28, 12:37 pm


A nature enthusiast happened to witness a gorgeous sight at Siglap Park Connector on Oct. 28.

Emerald canal with no litter

Member of the Nature Society Facebook group, Fazrin N Hanafi, shared a photo of the canal with emerald-green waters:

Photo courtesy of Fazrin N Hanafi.

The canal is located in Marine Parade.

One eagle-eyed viewer identified Victoria Junior College on the right, Block 1 Marine Terrace on the left, and Ngee Ann Primary School in the foreground.

Screenshot from Google Maps.

Inflow of seawater during high tide

Hanafi saw the canal at around 1:35pm yesterday (Oct. 27), when there was a high spring tide of 2.9m.

Spring tides occur during a full moon or a new moon, when the sun and moon line up. During this time, the tides will be extra high (and low) due to the gravitational effect of the moon.

When heavy rain coincides with such high tides, coastal areas may be prone to flash floods as rain and sea water overflow from drains and canals.

The green tinge can be attributed to marine plants such as phytoplanktons present in the seawater.

An abundance of seagrasses can be spotted in the canal during low tides.

Photo courtesy of Fazrin N Hanafi.

Here’s another shot of the canal, which shows the clear green water:

Photo courtesy of Fazrin N Hanafi.

Earlier this year in January, Hanafi had also captured a similar sight when the tide hit 3.2-metre high.

Photo courtesy of Fazrin N Hanafi.


Top photo collage from Fazrin N Hanafi’s photos

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