Cheapest vs. most expensive bubble tea in S'pore, reviewed by YouTubers


Mandy How| October 24, 04:21 PM

Curious cats and bubble tea addicts, heads up: A review video has pit one of the cheapest bubble teas in Singapore with one of the most expensive.

The 12-minute video by YouTube channel BenRanAway sees three reviewers, Ben, Randy, and Tammy, trying bubble tea from an unnamed hawker centre, as well as from a rooftop bar.

Hawker centre bubble tea

According to Ben, queues at the stall, named Beautea, can go up to an hour during lunch time.

Screenshot via BenRanAway/YouTube

The trio ordered a milk tea each, with customised sugar levels, at S$1.60 per drink.

Screenshot via BenRanAway/YouTube

Screenshot via BenRanAway/YouTube

Overall, the drink was "not bad", although it wasn't as fragrant as other milk teas.

Additionally, tea wasn't prominent enough, and the drink got overwhelming after a while.

The pearls were soft though.

The cheapest drink on the menu is black tea for S$1.50, while their most elaborate drink, which is the Brown Sugar Pearl Strawberry Fresh Milk, costs S$3.

Most expensive bubble tea

For the extravagant version of the drink, the reviewers took an elevator and emerged to what looked like a rooftop bar.

They ordered two variants: Loof bubble tea and lychee bubble at S$22 without tax.

Screenshot via BenRanAway/YouTube

The drinks contain alcohol, which explains the price.

The Loof bubble tea is also one the bar's strongest drinks, as it's made with four spirits.

The lychee version is sweeter than the Loof version, and its alcohol was also not as apparent to the tastebuds.

Screenshot via BenRanAway/YouTube

Unfortunately, the pearls were "tough" with no sweetness to it.

The "popping" pearls in white were enjoyable though.

Screenshot via BenRanAway/YouTube

With the price point, the reviewers advise that you can think of it as a "cocktail with pearl", as opposed to bubble tea.

For their verdict and ratings, you can watch the video here:

Top image via BenRanAway/YouTube


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