Robbie, beloved 15-year-old resident cat at NTU, dies from sudden morning attack by 3 stray dogs

His life remains an inspiration to the hoomans whom he lorded over.

Kayla Wong | September 8, 2019 @ 08:08 pm


Robbie was a cat who was most commonly seen lazing around the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus.

Affectionately known as “Unker Robbie” to his humans, the green-eyed kitty is the mascot of the NTU Cat Management Network (CMN), a club dedicated to “all things cat-related” in NTU, according to its bio on Instagram.

Sadly, Robbie was unable to outlive the hoomans he lorded over.

According to the CMN in a post on September 7, he was attacked by stray dogs and died from his injuries.

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‼ DOG ATTACK ALERT ‼ We received news this morning that at around 5am, a 7-11 staff witnessed Robbie from Hall 2 being chased by 3 dogs and he tried to chase them away. Unfortunately, Robbie had already been attacked so he passed on soon after the staff brought him over to the 7-11 entrance. PLEASE KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR THE DOGS AND REPORT ANY SIGHTINGS WITH PICTURES AND THE LOCATION TO US IMMEDIATELY! The dogs had not been spotted for quite a long time before this. Our stray dogs patrol team have also been trying to patrol the school twice a day as much as possible, but no sightings were reported. We will continue our talks with the school and other organisations (ALS, SPCA, etc.) to do our best in alleviating the situation. Robbie's obituary will be posted tomorrow. We appreciate your patience and kind understanding during this difficult time.

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He passed away on Saturday, September 7, at the age of 15.

Loves to eat and laze around

In an obituary post that detailed his life as a campus cat since he was a kitten, Robbie was described as one who enjoyed lazing around the dormitories — usually near the Hall 2 signboard — while waiting for his meals.

He liked his meals so much he always ran towards the person calling him or the sound of dry food shaking, making him the cat that was easiest to spot in the Hall 2 cluster, CMN said.

Robbie was also known for his ginormous appetite — he almost devoured a full can of wet food by himself.

His talent was put to use by CMN feeders who “could always count on him to finish any leftovers”.

But being an “uncle”, Robbie amusingly “grumbled” by meowing each time he was made to walk to his food.

Even so, the “temptation (of the yummy food) was too great for him to resist”, the CMN wrote in its tribute to him.

“Easy-going and optimistic attitude” an inspiration

Robbie was also friendly with everyone and anyone who tried to pat him.

In addition, just seeing everyone’s “favourite lepak unker” relax and enjoy his food was enough to take all all the stress away, CMN wrote.

His “easy-going” ways and “optimistic” attitude towards life remains an inspiration to the students, who said they will always remember him.

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What a cat.

You can read the entire post and hear Unker Robbie meowing for his food here:

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Unker Robbie was the mascot of CMN and a fan favourite. As one of our oldest cats, he was here since the inception of CMN, living his whole life from a kitten till today as a campus cat for at least 15 years! He led a carefree life, and could usually be found lazing around Blk 2, basking at the Hall 2 signboard while he waited for his meal. Despite his grumpy face and commanding presence, Robbie was always gentle and patient with everyone, and wouldn’t protest if people tried to pat him. Robbie was often the easiest to find in the Hall 2 cluster, running towards the sound of his name or the familiar shaking of dry food. Well-known for his voracious appetite, he could almost devour one whole can of wet food by himself! Never one to say no to food, the feeders could always count on him to finish any leftovers. Even though he grumbled every time he was made to walk for his food, the temptation was too great for him to resist. He left many of us with happy memories. Just watching our favourite lepak unker relax comfortably and enjoy his food so heartily was enough to help us forget all our stresses and worries. His easy-going and optimistic attitude towards life is an inspiration to us all and we will always remember him. Thank you for all the good times Robbie ❤️ We love you and we hope that you’ll be fed loads up there! Please respect this obituary post made in honour of celebrating Robbie’s life and leave any other comments that are not dedicated to him for later. Thank you.

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RIP, Unker Robbie — you will be dearly missed by generations of NTU graduates.


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