SPCA S'pore reminds pet owners not to let their pets wear N95 masks during haze

What works for humans doesn't work for animals.

Syahindah Ishak| September 17, 11:39 PM

With the haze making a comeback in September 2019, Singaporeans' furry friends are also susceptible to lung issues.

Pet advisory

On Sep. 17, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Singapore posted a pet advisory on its Instagram page to educate Singaporeans on how to take care of their pets during the haze season.

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PET ADVISORY DURING HAZE SEASON While we aim to protect ourselves from the haze, don’t forget our animal friends’ well-being! Most of us would grab our N95 masks during this season, but please don’t make your pet wear one too. Our vets advise against doing so because obscuring their mouths with masks might prevent heat from being dispelled and cause a heat stroke. When the PSI is above 200, keep your pets indoors if possible and avoid taking your dog for extended walks or vigorous exercise outdoors. Switch on the air-conditioner, purifier or fan and replace fresh water in pet bowls more frequently. Extra precautions need to be taken with senior pets, animals with compromised immunity or animals with pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular disease. Smaller animals are at greater risk of smoke inhalation due to their smaller lung capacity. If your pet shows any signs of breathing difficulty, teary eyes and/or nasal discharge, take him/her to the vet. 🔎🏥🥼💕

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In the post, SPCA advised that pets should not wear N95 masks as covering their mouths might trap heat and cause a heat stroke.

Pets should, however, be kept indoors when the haze PSI breaches 200.

Air-conditioner, purifier or fan should be turned on and fresh water should be replaced in pet bowls frequently.

Senior animals and smaller animals require extra care and precaution as they are at greater risks of falling ill.

So, while you take care of yourself and your family is a priority, please don't forget about your pets too.

They may be animals and animals are resilient, but they are sentient beings too.

Top photo (left) adapted from SPCA's Instagram page.