Caucasian man mocks lorry driver in S'pore, says he'll always drive a lorry because of his education

Uncalled for.

Guan Zhen Tan| September 25, 01:32 PM

A video featuring a Caucasian man mocking a lorry driver in Singapore as being lowly-educated has exploded online.

Gone viral

The video seems to have originated from an Instagram account called sgfollowsall.

It has since been reproduced on other platforms, including the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page, garnering more than 800 shares in total since Sep. 24.

If you can't see the video, here it is.

[video width="512" height="640" mp4=""][/video]

Insulted lorry driver's educational level

The caption, which has been circulated along with the video, claimed that the one who filmed the video works for his father's company in fire protection.

The lorry driver works for the same company and both men commute to work via the lorry they were in.

The Caucasian driver allegedly did not keep a two-car distance behind the lorry.

As the duo reached the traffic light junction between Takashimaya and Mandarin Gallery, they had to brake and stop, as it could not pass the amber traffic light in time before it turned red.

The original poster also claimed that the Caucasian driver, who they identified as a 55-year-old banker, honked at them before proceeding to drive beside the lorry to insult and degrade the duo.

At the beginning of the video, what sounded like insults against the Caucasian man can be heard.

In response, he replied: "Wait, you see now. See what happens, you bitter lambs. Wait you see."

The Caucasian man proceeded to rev up the car engine.

"You'll always be driving a truck. You know why? Because you got this much education," he said, making a pinching gesture.

The duo proceeded to laugh at him as he drove off.

Comments mostly expressed anger at the man, though one particular comment called for both sides of the story to be brought to light.

Screenshot via All Singapore Stuff's Facebook post

Top image via sgfollowsall video reproduced on All Singapore Stuff's Facebook page


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