MRT commuter captures tender moment of foreign worker letting buddy snooze on his lap


Julia Yeo | September 10, 2019 @ 05:29 pm


We’ve all been there before — snoozing on MRT rides because of fatigue.

A particularly heartwarming instance of snoozing on the train was captured and uploaded by one Reddit user.

Foreign workers sitting on train floor, sleeping

Reddit user ciel-v said he was riding the MRT on Sept. 8 late at night when he encountered a group of foreign workers in the seatless standing-only cabin.

The group of workers were sitting in a row on the floor, sleeping.

Eventually, one of them was “probably too tired to care” and ended up lying on the floor in a foetal position, placing his head on his bag to sleep.

Co-worker moves over, lets him sleep on his lap

According to the thread, one of the remaining workers sitting on the other side of the cabin woke up and noticed his co-worker sleeping on the floor.

When he got up and moved over, the Reddit user thought that he was going to wake his co-worker up.

Instead, the worker who walked over then sat down and propped the sleeping co-worker’s head up onto his leg, presumably to let him rest more comfortably.

Photo via ciel-v/Reddit

Both men then appeared to fall asleep after that.

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Cover image via ciel-v/Reddit

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