Man who pre-ordered iPhone 11 jumps to first in queue at Apple Orchard, ahead of hundreds who waited overnight

The customers trooped in in a single file when the store opened.

Mandy How| September 20, 03:48 PM

Consumers in Singapore started queuing a day in advance for the in-store launch of iPhone 11.

When doors opened at 8am on Sep. 20, the crowd trooped in, heralded by cheers from Apple staff.

Here are some photos of the in-store crowd:

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One of the most famous wet market in Singapore 😄 | you know what happen today laa... #apple #applestore

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ภาพบรรยากาศวันเปิดจำหน่าย iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max คนยังเยอะเช่นเดิม

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However, even as the hours wore on, the queue did not abate.

Here's a photo of the scene outside the store by one customer, who uploaded it around 12pm.

The photo was taken with his newly bought iPhone.

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Line for the new iPhone. Shot with the new iPhone. . . #shotoniphone11promax #ultrawide #queue #singapore

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Another photo, likely captured from inside the store.

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누가 아이폰11 인기 없을거라고 했어...? 싱가포르 사러온 사람들 엄청 많네 . . --- #싱가포르 #싱가포르여행 #애플스토어 #애플싱가포르 #애플싱가폴 #아이폰싱가포르 #오차드로드

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Many firsts

When Mothership visited the night before the launch, the first in queue was a Vietnamese lady and her companion.

The fan confessed that she used to be an Android user, but "really loves" the iPhone now.

Screenshot via Kane Goh

Pointing to her phone and watch, she laughed and said, "Everything Apple now".

Screenshot via Kane Goh

By the store's opening this morning, however, another customer was at the head of the queue.

According to The Straits Times, Julian Cho, 39, had pre-ordered four identical sets of the iPhone 11 Pro in 64GB, midnight green.

He joined the queue at 7am on launch day, but was able jump ahead of hundreds who had waited overnight.

However, only one phone had arrived at the store, and the other three are still being shipped over.

Cho was collecting the set for himself, while his wife and two brothers will eventually receive the other three.

The iPhone enthusiast upgrades his device yearly.

Yet the first to walk out with a shiny new gadget is not Cho, but a 17-year-old Malaysian student who had travelled all the way from Kuala Lumpur.

He had pre-ordered the iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB, space grey) and iPhone 11 (128GB, black), and joined the queue at 6am on launch day.

The second iPhone is for his sister.

Top image via @dena_firmayuansyah @zee_appel on Instagram