App allows targeted donations of milk formula & clothes to underprivileged in S’pore

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Melanie Lim | September 18, 2019 @ 11:29 am


The gig economy has opened up society to the idea of sharing things with strangers — even though “sharing” inevitably entails paying.

But now, there is an app that really is about sharing things for free — and it can be used in Singapore.

Olio app

On Sep. 14, 2019, Twitter user @fanashfq tweeted about Olio, an app she came across.

How Olio app works

She pointed out that the app could be useful to the underprivileged community in Singapore to pass on food and goods to those who need them more.

This is so as the app is location-based and users can first identify the number of other users near their current location:

Image via Melanie Lim

They can then add listings such as food or non-food items that they would like to give away:

Image via Melanie Lim

Other users who need these items can then request for them:

Image via Melanie Lim

The app appears to serve both immediate and longer term needs.

Some items such as milk formula are perishable and have to be consumed before expiry date.

Clothes, on the other hand, can be listed for longer periods of time.

Image via Melanie Lim

The app even allows users to request for items to be placed somewhere easy to be picked up.

This is advantageous for those hesitant about face-to-face collections.

Image via Melanie Lim

Olio, at its core, is another global online marketplace with over 1.2 million users.

Olio’s main aim is to reduce food waste by having its users donate unneeded food items to willing recipients.

Doesn’t hurt paying it forward.

Top image via Melanie Lim on Olio

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