McDonald’s S’pore to sell emoji P☺︎tato, Crispy Fish Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Scrambled Egg Burger from Sep. 26


Mandy How | September 24, 2019 @ 09:49 pm


McDonald’s is releasing new items at breakneck pace.

Perhaps to erase our memory of the salted egg fries.

From Sep. 26, 2019, the fast food chain will be selling three new items and one returning item: the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Crispy Fish Sandwich, P☺︎tato, and Scrambled Egg Burger.

1) Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Image via McDonald’s Singapore

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich comes with chicken patty, chicken bacon, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, and chargrill sauce. Semolina buns hold everything together.

Extra Value Meal: From S$7.90
A la carte: From S$6.20

2) Crispy Fish Sandwich

Image via McDonald’s Singapore

Battered fish with a “generous slather” of creamy chargrill sauce, chicken bacon, cheddar cheese and lettuce make up this burger.

Extra Value Meal: From S$7.90
A la carte: From S$6.20

3) P☺︎tato

Image via McDonald’s Singapore

The P☺︎tato(s) are shaped after emojis.

Warm mashed potatoes are stuffed within a crisp crust.

The smiley face is in its official name.

As part of the Grilled Chicken Sandwich Special meal: From S$8.20
A la carte: From S$2.00

4) Scrambled Egg Burger

Image via McDonald’s Singapore
Image via McDonald’s Singapore

A returning item, the Scrambled Egg Burger features scrambled eggs, cheese, and either chicken bacon or sausage between buns.

Grab and Go (includes coffee): From S$4.00

Top image via McDonald’s Singapore

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