Lay’s ‘icy lemon’ flavour tastes like Himalayan Salt Mint Candy on potato chips


Mandy How | September 6, 2019 @ 12:08 pm


Lay’s Cooling Sensation Icy Lemon Flavour is a mouthful to pronounce, and probably a lot to digest.

The product, which was available in Singapore as early as August, is said to taste like Himalayan Salt Mint Candy on potato chips.


This is according to Instagram user @terenex, who bought it from 7-Eleven at Hotel Rendezvous:

Each packet costs S$2.50.

If you’re not convinced, another reviewer also likened the chips to “lemon cough drops”.

While the dominant flavour was lemon, the menthol taste gets stronger the more you eat.

The conclusion: Weirdly tasty in a way that doesn’t warrant a second bag.

Besides icy lemon, there’s also the melon bingsu flavour in the same series:


Top image via @goodday.toyou and @terenex on Instagram

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