Lady draws flak for using PMA in MRT station, was actually delivering mooncakes to underprivileged

She apparently had an accident in 2016.

Tanya Ong | September 16, 2019 @ 04:50 pm


One lady in Singapore recently bore the brunt of some nasty online comments for riding a Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) into an MRT station.

Photos of her were originally uploaded by Facebook group SG Road Vigilante on Sep. 13:

Photo via FB/SG Road Vigilante.
Photo via FB/SG Road Vigilante.

In the photos, a lady is seen sitting on a mobility scooter which has been equipped with a roof while commuters exit a train.

In response to the post, some commenters asked if it is legal to ride a PMA into a train station.

Others questioned the lady’s need for a PMA and insinuated that she was just too “lazy” to walk.

PMAs are permitted on public transport, such as MRTs and wheelchair accessible buses.

PMAs are also different from Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs). PMD users cannot ride their device on public transport, but may travel with them if the PMD is folded.

Woman apparently met with accident in 2016

A subsequent comment by one Priscilla Ong shed some light on the incident, though.

Ong, who claimed to be the lady in the photo, said that she met with a car accident in 2016. This accident apparently led to her being “permanently disabled”.

She explained that she was not using the PMA “out of convenience”, but instead, has been using it to “lead her life”.

Ong also clarified that while using the PMA, she is mindful to avoid blocking the path of train commuters.

Distributing mooncakes to families

Ong is a co-founder of Project Love Lunch, which distributes items to underprivileged families in Singapore.

In her comment, she also revealed that at the time the photo was taken, she was delivering mooncakes to needy families in Singapore.

Photo via FB/SG Road Vigilante.
Photo via FB/SG Road Vigilante.

This is her comment:

Following Ong’s comment, SG Road Vigilante has updated their Facebook post to reflect her side of the story.

This is the Facebook post:

Top photo via FB/SG Road Vigilante.

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