S'porean buddies bike from Ang Mo Kio to 'New Asgard' in Scotland in 6-month challenge

Tough. But rewarding.

Mandy How| September 05, 05:46 PM

On June 8, 2019 two Singaporean men set off on their bikes from Ang Mo Kio.

Peifa Zhou, 34, and Daniel Tan, 33, aim to reach St Abbs within six months and with a budget of S$10,000 each.

St Abbs is a small fishing village on the southeastern coast of Scotland, United Kingdom.

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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Wee village of St. Abbs, Berwickshire

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It it looks familiar, it's probably because it was featured in Avengers: Endgame as the 'New Asgard'.

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“First they lost Asgard and then half their people, they’re probably just happy to have a home.” 🏠 • For 2 days in May 2017 Marvel took over this small little fishing village to shoot some scenes for ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Locals recall seeing Mark Ruffalo in a CGI Hulk suit (I would LOVE to see that with my own eyes!) and Chris Hemsworth walking around. The extras are all locals which I love, some being the owners of the businesses in the village. Better yet, Marvel donated to the independent life boat crew which is at the centre of the town – I witnessed a real rescue while walking around too! • It was quite surreal to watch this film in the cinema and notice that the landscape looked very ‘homely’. I couldn’t stop smiling when the Hulk and Rocket Racoon came driving in on the back of a jeep in what looked to be UK/Scotland! It’s nice to have a real backdrop instead of a green screen and to see such iconic characters in such a ‘normal’ location was also really interesting. More shots to share soon! • • #avengers #avengersendgame #thor #hulk #valkyrie #chrishemsworth #markruffalo #tessathompson #marvel #stanlee #superheroes #disney #film #photography #thisisscotland #simplyscotland

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If you're curious, Ang Mo Kio and St Abbs are about 13,951 kilometres apart on Google maps.

However, as the mapped route includes sea travel, the actual distance over land is probably much further.

Biked through Malaysia, Myanmar and more

The duo is currently three months into their journey.

Here they are, setting off on the first day:

So far, the pair has biked through Malaysia, Myanmar, India, and Nepal.

In their latest update on September 4, Zhou and Tan were in the mountains between Pakistan and China.

They had come across a government school, where the teacher allowed them to crash the class and share on Singapore.

Screenshot via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Screenshot via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Along the way, they met with mishaps and accidents, the strain of navigating perilous roads, and even had to dealt with the bureaucracies of crossing borders.

Elements of nature — thin air on the mountains, soaring temperatures, and more — were another thing they had to contend with.

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Sometimes, it would drain Zhou and Tan completely just to make sure that they avoided serious accidents on treacherous landscapes.

In another instance, Tan took the following photo and named it "despair", despite the vivid scenery.

Zhou's bike had stopped working for the fourth time during their ascend, and he had sat down in defeat by the road.

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

It was then that Zhou told Tan, "Daniel Daniel, we gotta stop, this is not working anymore."

On this episode, Tan wrote,

"Not everything seems to be what it looks like. Everything has a reason behind it. This teaches us not to just look at the surface of things."

Zhou's bike continued to break down, even after that day.

Thankfully, they were able to repair it:

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

"Day 63: It is Peifa's bike AGAIN ! We believe the off road from yesterday Spiti valley expedition has caused his rear hub bearing to break into pieces.

On the way from gramphu to keylong, he has complain strange noise while riding. We checked the bike but couldn't find any fault.

Therefore next day we went to this workshop to get it checked and realised the hub bearing is bad. Luckily they do keep stock of the bearing n manage to get it change!"

Not all arduous

But they journey has also brought them to sights, people, and food from all over the region.

This was the view from their room at Hotel Mount, India:

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

More views of the world:

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Getting to know friends who showered them with hospitality:

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Photo via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook

Including fellow Singaporeans, who shared cup noodles and bak kwa with them:

Tan and Zhou in the photo. Photo via 2 Man 2 Bike/Facebook

Friends of 16 years

Zhou and Tan are friends of about 16 years, and have been riding buddies for over 10.

Zhou is currently on unpaid leave for six months, while Tan quit his job as a business manager in the alcohol beverage industry before embarking on this journey.

After this adventure, Zhou said that he will be going back to his job — also as a business manager, but in the hardware and tools industry.

By sharing extensively about their trip on Facebook, the duo hopes that the data will give "good insight" to aspiring overlanders.

Top image via 2 Man 2 Bikes/Facebook