M’sia man in wheelchair climbs down steep slope to rescue kitty trapped in drain


Tanya Ong | August 14, 02:01 pm


One man in a wheelchair has gone viral for his selfless act of saving a cat in a drain.

Climbs down slope to rescue kitten

Known as Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk AbdunMujtahid on Facebook, he said that he noticed the kitten clinging onto the edge of the drain.

Abu, who uses a wheelchair, then decided to climb down a steep slope to rescue the kitten.

The entire encounter was caught on video by his friend, and subsequently uploaded to Facebook on August 11.

The incident appears to have taken place in Malaysia.

FB video/Abu Fathiyyaturahma
FB video/Abu Fathiyyaturahma
FB video/Abu Fathiyyaturahma

After scooping the kitten up and placing it on the grass, the kitten scampers off.

FB video/Abu Fathiyyaturahma

Abu then casually makes his way back up the slope to his wheelchair.

FB video/Abu Fathiyyaturahma

In his Facebook post, Abu clarified that the person taking the video was a friend who has a prosthetic limb.

Due to the prosthetic leg, he said that it would be difficult for the friend to go down the steep slope, and so, he decided to do it instead.

What a champ.

You can watch the full video here:

Top photo composite image, via FB video/Abu Fathiyyaturahma

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