Sushi Express introduces humorous dining etiquette guide after man throws plates in bin


Nyi Nyi Thet | August 13, 06:05 pm


If you weren’t plugged in at all over the National Day weekend, you might have missed out on this story.

Guy films himself smuggling plates out of Jurong Sushi Express & dumping them in bin

Here’s the act itself.

This of course sparked quite the outrage, with most of it being trained at the act, considered by many to be rude and unnecessary.

Meanwhile, others focused on the act of filming the law breaking in the first place.

Here’s a reimagining of the incident from the plate’s perspective.

It is of course unclear if the plates were related by blood.

Sushi Express has come up with a failsafe method of ensuring this is the last time innocent plates are placed in harm’s way.

Here is their post.

In case you can’t see it, here it is.

Image from Sushi Express

You might have noticed that Sushi Express took some liberties with the drawing as well.

While the actual culprit took only three plates, this particular bandit, clearly based on the original man, appears to have stolen seven plates.

The caricature drawn by Sushi Express also appears to have an enlarged fly swatter as an extra appendage, while the original culprit preferred a fanny pack.

All in all, good humorous way of handling an immature act.

Image from Sushi Express

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