S’porean lady gives birth to baby in Gojek car within 20 minutes

An interesting story to tell the little one.

Fasiha Nazren | August 27, 2019 @ 12:42 pm


On Aug. 23, Nish Ai RystApit had an experience of a lifetime.

She gave birth to her daughter in a Gojek ride.

Just contractions

At 5:30am that day, Nish woke up to light contractions.

Three hours later, it became more regular, with contractions occurring every five minutes.

As it wasn’t her estimated due date, she didn’t think much of it, but still called for a Gojek to go to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital with her sister-in-law.

Saw baby’s head coming out

It should have been an uneventful 28-minute car ride from her home in Punggol to the hospital.

However, Nish went into labour a few minutes after getting into the car.

Before she knew it, the baby was already crowning.

I was shouting so badly with all the pain as my water bag burst and my sister-in-law said she could see the baby’s head coming out.”

Photo from Nish Ai RystApit’s Facebook page

Supportive Gojek driver

While she was in a state of panic, the Gojek driver, on the other hand, handled the situation pretty well.

According to her, driver Leng Khee Kwong comforted her by reassuring her that they were reaching the hospital very soon.

He also supported her by telling her when to push.

20 minutes later, Nish safely delivered the baby in the car.

In her post, she expressed her gratitude to the driver and apologised for the “chaotic moments and the mess” she has made in the car:

Would like to say BIG THANKS To GOJEK driver MR LENG KHEE KWONG, for his help throughout the journey in assisting me and making sure we reach KK safely. I’m sorry for the chaotic moments and the mess in your car. Even when we insist to give him some cash, he doesn’t want it and congratulated us on the safe delivery.”

Photo from Nish Ai RystApit’s Facebook page

Both mother and baby safe

Upon reaching the hospital, the baby was already in the arms of Nish’s sister-in-law.

They were also greeted by her husband and the hospital staff, who made sure both mother and baby are well taken care of.

Photo from Nish Ai RystApit’s Facebook page

“Me and my baby girl have been discharged, and she weighs 2764 grams, healthy and safe.”

Photo from Nish Ai RystApit’s Facebook page

You can see her full post here:

Top image from Nish Ai RystApit’s Facebook page

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