Man in Yishun throws shoe & insults police who have already arrested him

No stopping him.

Belmont Lay | August 22, 2019 @ 01:27 am


A 30-year-old man was sentenced to 20 weeks’ jail on Wednesday, Aug. 21 for an array of charges such as disorderly behaviour and using criminal force on a public servant.

Naveen Lal Pillay pleaded guilty to six assorted charges.

He had insulted and physically assaulted police officers, and even challenged one of them to a fight.

Five other similar charges were taken into consideration during sentencing.

What happened in Yishun

On July 1, 2019, at around 9.40am, Naveen fell asleep in a taxi and would not wake up.

The taxi driver sought help at the Yishun South Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC).

Naveen was awoken by a group of police officers.

He then raised his voice and questioned the officers.

Station Inspector (SI) Teo Kai Leong tried to calm him down, but Naveen grew agitated.

Naveen was advised to leave by the officers and he walked away.

But he returned to the police station and demanded to speak to one of the officers.

Told to leave

SI Teo told Naveen not to cause trouble and to go home.

Naveen did not heed the advice and challenged SI Teo to a fight, shouting and gesturing: “You come, ah! You come, ah!”

He did this in front of several members of the public and other officers.

At 10am, he was arrested and escorted to the Woodlands Division Report Lodging Area.

Naveen then taunted the officers when his hand was handcuffed to a wall.

He even shouted vulgarities at one of them.

The officers were discharging their administrative duties pertaining to Naveen’s arrest when this happened.

Naveen then picked up a shoe with his free hand and threw it at a group of auxiliary police officers, hitting one of them on the waist.

Re-offended a week later

On July 8, at about 2.30pm, Naveen vomited on a Grab car after he alighted from the vehicle.

He was with his girlfriend at that time.

An argument ensued between him and the driver.

Naveen then kicked the car and left.

The car suffered some scratches and dents.

Police found Naveen at the void deck of Block 477 Sembawang Drive after a report was made.

Naveen then yelled vulgarities at the officer who was interviewing him.

He had already been warned not to do so.

He was then arrested and taken to the Woodlands Division Report Lodging Area again.

Repeats itself

Naveen sat on a bench close to an auxiliary officer.

He then turned to the auxiliary officer and told him not to think that he would not dare to kick him.

Naveen proceeded to kick Chiang’s right leg, around the right knee.

Naveen spat at another officer who had ignored him.

Repeat offender

Naveen is a repeated offender.

He was previously prosecuted in 2016 for disorderly behaviour, and in 2017 for using abusive words on a public servant.

Top photo via Yishun South NPC

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