Protective dad tells daughter's stalker to 'stop bothering her' because she's still his 'baby'


Tanya Ong| August 02, 02:35 PM

Sometimes, fathers can be protective of their daughters.

Take for instance one Nikki Trinh, who shared a Twitter video that her father apparently wanted her to send her stalker.

Father warned her stalker

In her tweet, she claimed that a guy had been harassing her by dropping by her place unannounced at night.

In response to this unwanted attention, her father apparently made a video, which he wanted his daughter to send to the guy.

The 27-second video involves her father warning the man to "stop bothering her", and that his daughter is "still (his) baby".

She appears to be living in San Francisco currently.

This is the full video:

And this was what he said:

"Hey young man,

This is Nikki’s dad. Stop bothering her. She’s mine, she’s still my baby. You stalking her?? Over my dead body. Thank you.

And remember, Nikki is mine."

A separate tweet also showed what appears to be a screenshot of a conversation she had with her father regarding the video:

Photo via Twitter/@nikkitrin

Since the video of her dad went viral, she also warned those trying to "slide into her DMs", saying that they should be prepared for a video from her dad.

Top photo via @nikkitrin's Twitter.


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