Dog in Langkawi brutally killed by 2 arrows, M’sian police on hunt for culprit

RIP doggo.

Ashley Tan | August 14, 03:38 am


Photos of a dog in Malaysia allegedly shot dead by two arrows have been circulating online.

Found dead with two arrows in its body

The gruesome find apparently occurred outside a convenience store at Dayang Bay, Langkawi.

The deceased animal’s carcass was photographed and uploaded to Facebook by several users who came across it.

One set of photos by Chen Liau Weng showed the dog lying on its side by the road with two long arrows lodged in its body.


WARNING: Graphic content below

Photo from Chen Liau Weng / FB
Photo from Chen Liau Weng / FB

In another photo, a trail of blood can be seen leading from a sheltered corridor to the road.

It looked as if the dog’s body was dragged out from one of the units and into the open.

Photo from Chen Liau Weng / FB

Yet another photo by another person, Sharul Nizam Ab Rahim, showed the dead creature supposedly lying in front of the unit, bleeding heavily from its wounds.

Photo from Sharul Nizam Ab Rahim / FB

The dog had a collar around its neck, prompting many to believe it might be someone’s pet.

You can view Chen’s post here:

Police appealing for information

Malaysian police were reportedly notified on Aug. 11, when a woman came across the post on Facebook, reported The Star.

When officials arrived at the scene, however, members of the public were spotted trying to dispose of the carcass into the sea.

They were immediately stopped by police.

The dog’s carcass was retrieved and sent to a private veterinary clinic for a post-mortem examination.

Photo from Langkawi Polis / FB
Photo from Langkawi Polis / FB

No report of missing pet

The police have not been able to determine if the dog is a pet or a stray, as no one had come forward to report a missing pet.

Langkawi district police chief has also urged Chen and anyone else with information on the incident to come forward.

President of the Malaysian Animal Association, Arie Dwi Andika, is also reportedly offering a reward of RM1,000 (S$330.91) for anyone who can provide information that can “help the authorities convict and punish the perpetrator”, according to the New Straits Times.

The death is currently being investigated as a case of animal cruelty under section 44 of the Animals Act 1953.

According to the Act, those guilty of such an offence are liable to a fine of RM200 (S$66.18) or imprisonment of up to six months, or both.

Top photo from Chen Liau Weng/ FB and Langkawi Polis/ FB

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