3 alternative ways S'poreans & other tourists stuck in Hong Kong can leave city

In case your boss and/ or family needs you in the office asap.

Jason Fan| August 14, 12:32 AM

Hong Kong International Airport has suspended check-ins on Aug. 13 for all departure flights after protesters disrupted terminal operations for a second day.

All check-ins since 4:30pm were suspended, but departure and arrival flights for the rest of the day will continue to operate.

It is currently unclear when airport operations will return to normal.

The latest word on Wednesday, Aug. 14 midnight, is that police are rumoured to re-take the airport even as protesters continue to be holed up inside..

Singaporeans who urgently need to leave Hong Kong can consider alternative travel options that do not involve travelling through Hong Kong airport.

Leaving from Macau

One of the most convenient ways to leave Hong Kong is to take a ferry to Macau.

There are four ferry terminals in Hong Kong, and some routes operate 24 hours a day.

The ferries run at regular intervals daily and the ride takes only 55 minutes.

The ferry terminals can be found here:

  1. Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island)
  2. China Ferry Terminal (In Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)
  3. Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal (In New Territories)
  4. SkyPier Terminal (in Hong Kong International Airport)

Travellers may want to avoid the last one though.

Leaving from Shenzhen

Another way to leave Hong Kong is via Shenzhen, Hong Kong's closest neighbour to the north.

There are multiple options to get to Shenzhen, although the most commonly used is either by train or bus.

There are multiple train options, depending on where you originate in Hong Kong, which takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Do keep in mind that you may face congestion around peak periods, which may add to the travel time.

You may also take a cross-border bus, which takes less than two hours.

There are multiple stations across Hong Kong, and you can find out more here.

Leaving from Guangzhou

Guangzhou might be further than Shenzhen, but it is still a viable option for travellers.

Long-distance bus is the most popular way, and it takes around three hours.

Ferries have a more limited schedule, but takes less than two hours.

Travellers can also take a train from either Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station or Hung Hom Railway Station, which will take anywhere between one to two hours, depending on where you originate in Hong Kong.

Prices are steep

If you find yourself in need to leave Hong Kong via any of these cities, you may not be alone.

One-way ticket prices out of these cities are understandably higher than usual.

One-way ticket prices departing on Aug. 14 to Singapore range from S$366 for a non-stop flight from Guangzhou, to a S$528 flight with one stop from Macau.

Prices are steep, but if your boss is going to fire you if you do not come back soon, perhaps it is good to keep these options in mind.

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