M'sia student allegedly eats cup noodles to afford friend's 21st birthday party, realises it's not worth it

She felt the friend did not treat the friendship the same way.

Tanya Ong| August 20, 03:56 PM

21st birthday parties can be a bit of a big deal sometimes.

One person in Malaysia, apparently a university student, claimed that she went to great lengths to make sure that her friend had a great 21st birthday celebration.

In a UTAR Confessions Facebook post, she shared how that experience made her eventually realise that not everyone is "worth it".

Put in great effort for friend's birthday party

The thoughtful friend wrote that she bought a bus ticket back to her hometown for her friend's birthday party, despite it being close to her exam period.

She also claimed she bought an expensive gift for the friend, and was late for the party because she was selecting the gift.

Unfortunately, according to her, the friend chided her for being late.

And as she spent so much money on the birthday, she said she had to survive on eating cup noodles for the rest of the month.

Friend didn't send her birthday wish until a month later

According to her, this particular friend apparently did not wish her "happy birthday" when her birthday eventually rolled around during the exam period.

She claimed the friend only reached out to her one month later.

Her friend said that she noticed many others sending her birthday greetings and thought that her birthday wish "would not be special".

In the end, she met that friend for a meal to celebrate her birthday.

However, she said:

"I no longer have any hope that people will put in the same effort as I do for them."

Knows who truly matters to her

The student said she was disappointed by how her friend treated their friendship and added that she will be "more sensible" in the future.

Upon reflecting on the entire incident, she highlighted that she has been neglecting her family and said that she now knows who are the most important people to her:

"I'm not the type to ask for more money from my parents unnecessarily. I rather not have enough for myself, and eat cup noodles to survive until the end of the month, if the friendship is worth it.

I don't even come home to celebrate my parents' birthdays, and I seldom buy them gifts, but they have never blamed me. When I'm home to celebrate my family members' birthdays, they even tell me they want to bring me out for a good meal, but I turn them down saying I'm not free. I really am unfilial.

I think I now know who are the most important people to me."

This is the Facebook post:

Top photo via Unsplash Kortnee Greenfield & Allfromjapan