Disheartening tweet shows the hurtful stereotypes that still exist in S’pore

Lessons for everyone.

Melanie Lim | July 2, 06:46 pm


On June 28, 2019, Twitter user Madhu (@H0NEYBIX) shared her experience of being stereotyped by a fellow Singaporean.

Her tweet has since gone viral, with over 9,000 retweets and more than 6,500 likes.

Approached to do a survey

According to Madhu, she was approached by a lady to do a survey.

After helping her with it, the lady allegedly told Madhu to buy skin lightening creams, as her helper from the Philippines who had dark skin became “very pretty” after using it:

Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter

The lady allegedly went on to make more insinuations about Madhu’s nationality and socio-economic status, asking her if:

  1. She was a Singaporean
  2. She lived in a condominium
  3. Both her parents were Singaporean
Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter

After Madhu replied “yes” to all three questions, the lady went on to state how “rare” it was for Singaporean Indians to live in a condominium.

“Both of us are Singaporeans?”

According to Madhu, the lady then went on to make certain distinctions between them, despite the fact that both women are Singaporeans.

Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter
Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter

Other minorities share their accounts of discrimination

Sadly, this incident is not an isolated case.

In response to the tweet, other users also shared their own experiences of the discrimination they face in Singapore.

Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter
Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter
Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter
Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter
Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter

One Chinese Singaporean even recounted how her workplace held certain negative and unfounded views towards minorities.

Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter

Survey company apologised

The survey company reportedly apologised to Madhu after she contacted them about the incident:

Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter

Madhu has also made it clear that she is not anti-Chinese, nor does she condone any form of racism towards any group of people.

However, she hopes that her fellow Singaporeans will be more mindful about the stereotypes and discrimination that still exist in the country, and encourages minorities to speak up about their experiences.

Image via H0NEYBIX on Twitter

Top image courtesy of H0NEYBIX on Twitter

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