S’porean bride shares friendship-ending experience of hiring friend as wedding photographer

She also gave some advice on what measures to take.

Mandy How | July 8, 2019 @ 04:27 pm


Most people have one wedding in their entire lives — an occasion that is usually fondly remembered and expensive to recreate.

It makes sense, therefore, that your wedding photographer plays an important role in immortalising the day.

Paying more than quoted price

But one Singaporean bride, known as Sannie Razhel on Facebook, has her regrets hiring a close friend to be her wedding photographer about one year ago.

They are no longer friends.

Calling it a “poor decision”, Razhel explained that she hired the friend — who was a professional wedding photographer — because she wanted to show some support.

Razhel also believed that a close friend would be able to capture special moments better, as opposed to a stranger “hovering around”.

Unfortunately, the bride found the photos “less than stellar”, and called her experience one of “profound pain and disappointment”.

Here are the images Razhel shared in her post:

Photo via Sannie Razhel/Facebook
Photo via Sannie Razhel/Facebook
Photo via Sannie Razhel/Facebook
Photo via Sannie Razhel/Facebook
Photo via Sannie Razhel/Facebook

To make matters worse, Razhel had paid more than the quoted price.

The bride then said that the post was not meant to call anyone out, but instead, to share her experience and hope that it would translate into a lesson for others.

Pros and cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring a friend, according to Razhel.


  • Friend-photographers can identify moments that are important to you that a stranger may not be able to pick up on
  • Less awkward photo-taking, both for the newly weds and their friends/ families
  • Easier time interacting
  • You might get a discount, although Razhel emphasises that you should never ask for one as it’s somebody’s livelihood


  • A friend-photographer might not perform their professional best
  • Limited creativity, as the friend-photographer might assume that you would only like a certain style
  • The person will not appear in the photos
  • The friendship might be strained due to different expectations
  • Even if you’ve paid for their services, it could be difficult to make certain requests without looking like a bridezilla

Measures to take

If you do go ahead with hiring a friend, Razhel recommends the following measures to take:

  • Draw up a contract
  • Communicate your visions and expectations clearly
  • Look at their portfolio first
  • Go for a test shoot if you can afford it
  • Pay for their services
  • Not letting friendship/emotions cloud your judgement

You can read the original post here:

Top image via Sannie Razhel/Facebook

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