Adorable puppy rescued from industrial area in S’pore up for adoption

Hope you find a forever home soon.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 12, 2019 @ 12:51 pm


If you are a dog lover looking to adopt, maybe you can consider adopting a young mongrel.

Puppy waiting to be adopted

A non-profit animal welfare organisation Exclusively Mongrels Limited recently shared a post about a two-month-old mongrel which is up for adoption.

Here’s the puppy:

Photo from Exclusively Mongrels Limited Facebook.

The puppy, Drake, was apparently rescued from an industrial area along with six other puppies.

Three of them have found a home through a recent adoption drive.

Drake is one of the remaining four still waiting for willing adopters.

Photo from Exclusively Mongrels Limited Facebook.

Not HDB-approved

Drake has received its first vaccination, is microchipped and dewormed too.

It is trained to pee in a tray and is a friendly dog.

However, Drake is not HDB-approved.

Photo from Exclusively Mongrels Limited Facebook.


Photo from Exclusively Mongrels Limited Facebook.

If you are interested or know anyone suitable, you can message the organisation at 9789 0569.

Find out more about Drake here or other dogs which are available for adoption:

Top photo collage from Exclusively Mongrel Limited Facebook

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