Cheery bus captain greeted Marsiling resident last 14 years without fail

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Tanya Ong | July 18, 2019 @ 06:19 pm


Pleasant bus captains are always memorable.

For one Nelden Sanjeev Kunalan who lives in Marsiling, he shared how he would “never ever forget” a particular bus driver he meets on his commute.

Bus driver would greet passengers with “famous salute”

In his Facebook post, Nelden said that he first encountered the bus driver, known as Rao, during his primary school days.

To get to school, he would board SMRT bus service 913 in the Woodlands area, where he would be greeted by Rao’s “famous salute”.

Other than the salute, Nelden also said that Rao would greet people with smiles, handshakes, waves and even high-fives kids.

In order to meet Rao, Nelden would even wait at home and leave at a particular time to catch his bus.

Inspired him to be more cheery

Apparently, he has been seeing Rao for about 14 years — from his primary school days up until the present, where he is currently serving National Service.

Photo via FB/Nelden Sanjeev Kunalan.

In his post, Nelden thanked Rao for the “safe and efficient rides”.

He also said that Rao has inspired him to be a man full of “smiles and happiness” even if he is “having a tough day”.

“I will never ever forget you,” he added.

This is his Facebook post:

Bus service 913 is a feeder bus service serving the Woodlands, Admiralty and Marsiling area.

Not the first time he has drawn praise

This is also not the first time that this particular bus driver has drawn praise from commuters.

In 2015, SMRT had a Facebook post acknowledging the compliments that he has received:

And here’s a video of him:

Top photo via FB/Nelden Sanjeev Kunalan & SG Buses

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