Tiger in Terengganu is male as M’sian woman allegedly saw its male bits

She saw the tiger five metres away from her house.

Matthias Ang | July 19, 2019 @ 08:58 pm


A tiger that entered the village of Kampung Besul, in Terengganu, is allegedly male.

A Malaysian woman claims she saw its male genitals.

According to The New Straits Times, the 63-year-old woman, Wook Mohd Noor, claimed that she had seen the tiger five metres away from her house when she opened the door.

Scared to leave the house

Wook added that she is now terrified to leave the house as her encounter with the tiger was the first time she had come face-to-face with one.

She further alleged that the tiger had also circled her house for more than an hour.

Wook said: “It looked fierce and I was scared.”

She added that while she hears the roars of tigers at night, because of her house’s proximity to the jungle, she did not expect to meet one.

Two tigers entered the village, authorities say likely someone’s pet

Bernama further reported that in total, two tigers had entered the village.

Abdul Malek Mohd Yusof, the Director of Terengganu Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan), said it was likely that the tigers were somebody’s pets, as they had displayed tamed behaviour.

He further added that it was also likely that the tigers were ill “as they appeared less energetic”.

Malek said the tigers had probably been set free by their owner to roam in the jungle, before getting lost and entering the village instead.

Tigers still at large

Both tigers are still at large.

Bernama highlighted that Perhilitan has since deployed around 20 staff members to Kampung Besul on July 18 to find and catch the two tigers.

Traps have also been set to ease the concerns of the villagers.

Calling on the public to stay alert and cautious, Malek added: “Our team is in the midst of catching the tigers. For the time being, the villagers are advised to stop any outdoor or jungle activities to avoid tiger attacks.”

“If you stumble upon the animal, don’t try to get close to it because if it feels threatened, it might attack.”

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Top image collage from Jey Jepp’s Facebook video and 999 Malaysia Twitter

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