Guardsman who helped carry child at NDP preview identified: ‘I did what any of my soldiers would have done’


Zhangxin Zheng | July 17, 2019 @ 06:30 pm


A lady who attended the National Day Parade (NDP) preview on July 13 wrote a post to thank a kind Guardsman who led them to the correct entrance for the event.

Besides leading the way, the Guardsman also helped to carry her nephew even though it felt like a “very long walk”.

Here’s the story if you’ve missed it:

Kind Guardsman carries toddler, personally walks family to correct entrance for NDP preview

The photo shared by the Benita Lin only showed the back of the soldier, but luckily he was later identified to be part of the Spectator Management Committee.

Kind Guardsman found

A Facebook post from The Singapore Army revealed that the helpful soldier was Captain Tan Yan Yang, Officer Commanding (OC) of Bravo Coy, 1st Battalion Singapore Guards.

Tan explained that he offered to carry the boy so that the family can get to the entrance faster.

He also credited his fellow men for doing many good deeds every day which are not known to the public.

“I did what any of my soldiers would have done which is to offer our assistance to our fellow Singaporeans to ensure that they have the best experience possible at NDP. It’s all about helping others in need. I feel that the soldiers on the ground are doing many good deeds every single day and it so happened that mine got captured.”

Tan believes that every soldier should not hesitate to offer help to those in need.

You can read the full post here:

Top photo collage from The Singapore Army Facebook

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