Japanese company rents out cars that people can sleep in overnight

Sleep and drive, all in the same car.

Melanie Lim | July 1, 08:24 pm


If you’re planning a road trip in Japan, you may want to check rental car company NICONICO Rent a Car out.

Hailed as one of the three best car rental services in Japan, NICONICO RentaCar has branches in Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport, Hachioji City in Tokyo, Nakamachidai in Yokohama City, Hiratsuka city in Kanagawa Prefecture and more. 

About Daihatsu Wake

Recently, NICONICO RentaCar launched a new car service that allows people to sleep in it.

According to Soranews, the car – a Daihatsu Wake – is one of Japan’s tiniest compact cars:

Image via NICONICO RentaCar

Despite its deceptively small size, the Daihatsu Wake has a roomy interior that turns into a 185 cm length bed once the seats are folded flat and a mattress is laid on top of it.

Image via NICONICO RentaCar

There is enough space for two people to sleep in:

Image via NICONICO RentaCar

And the car also comes with a set of curtains to block off any excess light that may stream into the windows:

Image via NICONICO RentaCar

Nicohaku Plan

According to NICONICO RentaCar, this car service is called the Nicohaku plan, and is ideal for those who want to take part in outdoor activities like fishing, climbing a mountain or catching the sunrise in the wee hours, when other modes of transport are unavailable:

The Nicohaku plan is currently priced at 10,000 yen (S$125) and includes car rental for two days and one night, with each additional night costing an extra 7,000 yen (S$87.50).

If you’re planning a road trip on a budget, you can also rent the Nicohaku plan to save money you might otherwise spend on a hotel room or Airbnb.

As there are plenty of onsens all over Japan, you don’t have to worry about not being able to take a bath.

For now, this service is available in these stores:

Image via NICONICO RentaCar

And reservations can be made here.

Top image courtesy of NICONICO RentaCar 

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