Influencer gets professional smackdown after asking UK-based wedding company for sponsorship

She wanted two hour-long videos and more than 1,000 photos.

Mandy How | July 6, 04:37 pm


Some influencers, typically those with a large follower base, receive an abundance of press kits and even sponsorship.

Other influencers, however, will just have to ask for it — with varying degrees of success.

And humiliation.

Two videos and more than 1,000 photos for free

Laura Dunning, who owns UK-based wedding company Betrothed & Co, received one such request from an influencer, who was apparently represented by a manager named Melissa.

Dunning’s exchange with Melissa has since been uploaded to Facebook, where it was shared more than 1,900 times and received over 700 comments.

Here is the email:

Photo via Laura Dunning/Facebook

The influencer had wanted:

  • An hour-long documentary on the lead-up to the wedding
  • Photos of her at bridal fittings
  • An hour-plus video documenting her wedding on the actual day
  • A package that includes more than 1,000 photos

In exchange, the influencer was willing to provide:

  • “Extensive promotion” of the wedding company on her Facebook and Instagram, which has 55,000 followers combined
  • A 25 percent discount on Betrothed & Co’s packages, presumably to her followers

The manager ended off by saying they had contacted four similar businesses in the area, and told Dunning that a fast response would be “beneficial” to her business.

The smackdown

Dunning, the business owner, then delivered one of the best responses in the history of smackdowns — by requesting that the influencer also meets targets:

Photo via Laura Dunning/Facebook
Photo via Laura Dunning/Facebook

Here’s a summary of her email:

  • Thanking Melissa and explaining that the company doesn’t usually do sponsorship, but was willing to consider in this case
  • Asking the manager to check if there had been a “missing zero” in the influencer’s following, as having 55,000 followers rarely commands sponsorship of £3,000 – £4,000 (about S$5,100 to S$6,800)
  • However, as the wedding will take place two years later, Dunning would be happy to come to an arrangement, as long as the influencer could guarantee half a million followers by then.
  • A clause would also have to be in the contract, stating that the influencer would be liable to pay the sum in full if she doesn’t hit the number
  • Being “appreciative” of the 25 percent discount for their rates, especially when they have spent years honing their services and getting recommendations to price it a certain level
  • Pointing out how the influencer would prioritise a “fast response” over artistic considerations.

Mother diagnosed with cancer

Not surprisingly, the influencer and her manager weren’t very receptive to Dunning’s suggestions.

The manager even mentioned that the influencer’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and called Dunning out for being “unfair” when she could have just said “no” politely.

Photo via Laura Dunning/Facebook

The second smackdown

Subsequently, Frankie Lowe, Dunning’s business partner, came back with a few apologies for Melissa.

Photo via Laura Dunning/Facebook

He also dispensed some advice for the manager, namely on how to use the cancer diagnosis to guilt-trip properly:

Photo via Laura Dunning/Facebook

You can read the original post here:

Top image via StockSnap/Pixabay and Laura Dunning/Facebook

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