Huawei explains why S$54 Y6 Pro phone in stock in S'pore & sold for S$148

Why is there stock for the Y6 Pro?

Guan Zhen Tan| July 30, 04:13 PM

The Huawei Y6 Pro phone is still all the rage among Singaporeans days after its July 26 promotion caused widespread geriatric angst.

A photo shared on Facebook on Monday, July 29, has been making the rounds, as it showed the S$54 phone being sold for S$148 mere days after the promotion ended.

Photo via Everyday SG's Facebook post

The implication?

The photo is to highlight that the Huawei Y6 Pro is in stock now, even though the S$54 promotion could not be continued initially as a result of overwhelming demand and insufficient supply.

Huawei explains

But before Singaporeans get angry again, Huawei explained that these phones were already part of existing promotional discounts.

In response to queries, Huawei confirmed that this particular promotion photographed is an ongoing one running at all Huawei Concept Stores and selected participating consumer electronic stores.

The S$54 promotion was another offer on top of other existing offers.

Huawei said in its statement:

The S$148 promotion has been an ongoing promotion running from July 13 across all Huawei Concept Stores and selected consumer electronic stores.

Stock availability is based on the respective participation of various promotions at each outlet. Since the NDP (National Day Parade) promotion, we understand from our retailers that participated in the S$54 Y6 Pro 2019 offer have been sold out.

We are looking into the matter to ensure that all collaterals are being updated at the various stores.

What it means?

This means that retailers that did not participate in the S$54 promotion may still have stock for the Y6 Pro.

Additionally, Huawei also noted that certain outlets that did not participate in the S$54 promotion may have stock going at prices according to their own respective offers.

These outlets include Best Denki, Harvey Norman and other heartland stores.

A quick scan online also revealed that the official Lazada flagship store lists the phone as out of stock, though third-party listings for the phone can be seen on the site.


The phone, which retails at the usual price of S$198, was being sold for S$54 to seniors aged 50 and above on July 26.

But the phone sold out within hours leaving thousands without even a chance to buy one.

Regulators in Singapore have been urged to take Huawei to task.